Can you spare a few minutes?

I'm looking for information about terms - appropriate and otherwise - used to refer to various groups.

They will be used to build a resource explaining the "right" way to refer to members of those groups.


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extremely online terf man tweets about how HRT is homophobic or something, while everyone else listens to mara wilson hang out with alexandria ocasio-cortez and chelsea manning while a small man named harris plays a bad video game

i mean pick your side but it's not a tough call

donkey kong 64 is trans praxis now i'm sorry i don't make the rules

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Marvel in 2018: "Avengers: Infinity War" is the most ambitions crossover in history

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the gamer man is talking to matilda about chocolate cake for some reason while owen jones and chelsea manning just hang out. this is getting very strange

Do you not clean up enough? Is part of it that you really fucking hate the idea of touching dirty things? Do you buy a pair of marigolds and then lose them, over and over again? Me too! Here's the thing: you are allowed to just go on Amazon and buy disposable nitrile gloves!

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Is there an "ActivityPub for idiots" guide anywhere? Looking to implement it and struggling to find quality documentation.

@thomasfuchs hey! two things -

first, thanks for everytimezone, I use it very frequently and it's easily the most low-friction way I know to bounce times around.

secondly, a quick bug report; it's still listing London as BST (UTC+0100) - we left BST on the 28th October.

I am a mature adult who exclusively enjoys mature adult humour

how is a creature capable of making this face even allowed

using my supreme powers of deductive reasoning i have determined that the cats have been hacking the planet while i’ve been out

Whoa, why has half of Twitter joined Mastodon all of a sudden?

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Mastodon is so much better than Twitter because it’s decentralised and you can join any of the countless instances.

*All of Twitter joins*

today in "are the cryptocoiners okay", Peepeth: a distributed, blockchain-backed Twitter clone with no delete button by design.

you read that right. you can't delete anything you post, ever.

yeah, that'll work out just fine.

@rummik Thanks for the report. The spammer (and multiple other spam accounts) have been suspended.

"I'll just dist-upgrade to bionic", thought I. Two days later, Mastodon is back up and running with no data loss. Apologies to anyone impacted.

When a smol, I took pen and paper on car journeys, held the pen to the paper, braced as close to neutral as possible against gravity, and let the inertia of the journey draw lines. I wanted to see whether a journey had a repeatable 'signature'. Today, that's how INS systems work.

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