Looming shitstorm warning.

Gab, noted haven for racists, misogynists, and literal Nazis, is intending to fork Mastodon and join the fediverse.

Their aim is to sidestep being banned from the main App Stores by allowing any Mastodon client to use their service.

Obviously, this also means that they'll federate, and they're openly excited about the trolling possibilities.

Mastodon admins concerned by this should block their instance from federation when they cut over to their fork.

@dave On the one hand, ugh. On the other, the theory that smaller federated platforms each with their own content policies is getting tested big time. If it succeeds, we have a way forward that's neither "let the big platforms decide what speech to allow" nor "big platforms are common carriers that must provide an equal platform to everybody".

@freakazoid I mean yes, you’re right, but it isn’t new. Bad actors are already part of the fediverse - troll and spam instances have been getting defederated for a good while now. Gab is slightly different in that they’re migrating from a monolithic network, which means it’s unlikely to spawn new bad-actor instances; users are incentivised to remain on the Gab instance.

@dave just defederate any instance that doesnt defederate gab too and this might work

@dave Apps are also encouraged to take preemptive measures, as at least one already has.

@desitively Not as far as I know. It’ll probably be gab dot com or their previous tld, gab dot ai.

@desitively It seems to redirect to .com when you visit now, but I can't say I'm overly familiar with the ins and outs of that particular shithole

@dave Well, Gab is where the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter was radicalized. That says it all.

@dave this is really good to know, as I’m working on bringing my instance up. Thanks.

@aurynn You’re very welcome! Good luck with it, it’s actually fairly mundane once you get how the gears of the different bits mesh together.

@dave most of my Entertainment is that I’m also setting up a kubernetes cluster. (There’s a reason)
And I have to get branding done and trademarked and stuff and and etc so much work

@aurynn oh sweet jesus k8s is such an overengineered mess. it’s great ongoing but, as I’m sure you’re entirely aware, initial build and config is an overly verbose hellscape.

@dave I’m lucky that I’m able to rely on OpenStack Magnum for most of the initial build but yeahbhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s been , uh , exciting.

I’m launching a paid instance which is why I’m over engineering it a bunch, and spending extra time on legal and design work and stuff.

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