don't mind me, just posting the crew of Enterprise posing on the NX-01 bridge dressed as Rocky Horror characters

Donald Trump's second-term inauguration (2020, colourised)

just an extremely normal and in no way dystopian sign hanging out at the pharmacy

Sometimes you come across a video/audio pairing which is just too perfect to live

‪today in accessibility features which nobody bothers to tell ASD people about: tactile crossing indicators. when the safe to cross sign illuminates, this cone underneath the call button unit starts to rotate. if you’re having trouble with audiovisual stimuli, it’s there.‬

due to the incredible and unexpected generosity of an anonymous benefactor, this beast is turning up in a week or two.


Eight *real* cores, before the HT virtual cores.

Actual monster.

today in nightmare fuel, some fool gave me my raw MRI data to play with.

I can almost taste the tears of awful people which will accompany the next episode of the Twilight Zone remake.

There’s an argument that Kate Bouman is undeserving of recognition because she didn’t commit the largest amount of code. Here’s why it’s absurd. The ideologues arguing it are inherently familiar enough with writing code to KNOW this. It’s wilful intellectual dishonesty.

I am a mature adult who exclusively enjoys mature adult humour

how is a creature capable of making this face even allowed

using my supreme powers of deductive reasoning i have determined that the cats have been hacking the planet while i’ve been out

today in "are the cryptocoiners okay", Peepeth: a distributed, blockchain-backed Twitter clone with no delete button by design.

you read that right. you can't delete anything you post, ever.

yeah, that'll work out just fine.

Matryoshka dolls in a shop on the Moscow Metro. Putin, Stalin, Lenin, Stalin again, and… wait. (source:

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