tired: outcall
wired: on-prem femme as a service

Much as I love k8s, writing initial YAML boilerplate is a pain. Since docker-compose YAML syntax describes many of the same things in a more compact format, I've taken to writing a docker-compose.yaml and then piping it through Kompose (kompose.io). Great timesaver.

In case any of you who participated in the poll a while back are wondering, I decided to go against the wisdom of the crowd and let myself in for TypeScript instead of plain JS.

So, uh. TypeScript's pretty nice, you know. Type annotations make a big impact on a bunch of major JS irritants.

further tooling adventures: switched to Pulumi from Terraform a couple of weeks ago, and am a fan. There's an almost 1:1 mapping to Terraform (they generate their libraries from the actual Terraform modules), plus the flexibility of a real language rather than just a DSL. pulumi.com/

‪On the topic of tooling, when building a container from scratch I tend to keep it lightweight - that means an Alpine base layer and my favourite container-first httpd, Caddy. I've not deployed the version 2 beta yet, but 1.x has never let me down. caddyserver.com/‬

You know when you come across a tool which fits a need you hadn't even noticed so perfectly that it makes you kind of annoyed? Well, here's kubefwd. Get ready to delete a whole bunch of those shell aliases you've been creating. github.com/txn2/kubefwd

Decidedly light on detail, but reading between the lines, the chisel may have come out for the headstone of factorisation-hard cryptography independent.co.uk/life-style/g

@grufwub (and also your location would be helpful, they prefer semi-remote)

@grufwub What are you looking for exactly? I know one company which is having a hell of a time recruiting decent devops/SRE people.

bumping up against rootless mode in macOS Catalina? Want to create symlinks or mountpoints in / but don't want to disable SIP entirely?

man 5 synthetic.conf

you're welcome

cursed, UK phone infrastructure, memetic hasard 

@kellerfuchs I truly wish this shit surprised me in the least

First day at Feeld today. Senior Engineer, exploring new and interesting frontiers in devops/infosec shenaniganry. Fully remote! Radically inclusive! This is going to be good.

don't mind me, just posting the crew of Enterprise posing on the NX-01 bridge dressed as Rocky Horror characters

If you’ve watched Netflix’s Another Life season 1 and played the Mass Effect original trilogy, can you please tell me i’m not crazy and that you see it too? And keep it ambiguous, nobody likes spoilers.

‪Next time some haunted joint of mutton from the Tory party tells you climate change is a myth, here’s what I want you to do.‬

‪Look the bastard dead in the eyes.‬

‪Say these five words.‬



‪someone in Camden has the wifi network SSID “don’t be a dick Dave” and I feel SEEN‬

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

In early 2016, when I said "give it a couple of years, we'll end up with Trump running the US, Boris running the UK, us leaving the EU and everything on fire"



It was not a BLUEPRINT

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