Decidedly light on detail, but reading between the lines, the chisel may have come out for the headstone of factorisation-hard cryptography

@grufwub (and also your location would be helpful, they prefer semi-remote)

@grufwub What are you looking for exactly? I know one company which is having a hell of a time recruiting decent devops/SRE people.

bumping up against rootless mode in macOS Catalina? Want to create symlinks or mountpoints in / but don't want to disable SIP entirely?

man 5 synthetic.conf

you're welcome

cursed, UK phone infrastructure, memetic hasard 

First day at Feeld today. Senior Engineer, exploring new and interesting frontiers in devops/infosec shenaniganry. Fully remote! Radically inclusive! This is going to be good.

don't mind me, just posting the crew of Enterprise posing on the NX-01 bridge dressed as Rocky Horror characters

If you’ve watched Netflix’s Another Life season 1 and played the Mass Effect original trilogy, can you please tell me i’m not crazy and that you see it too? And keep it ambiguous, nobody likes spoilers.

‪Next time some haunted joint of mutton from the Tory party tells you climate change is a myth, here’s what I want you to do.‬

‪Look the bastard dead in the eyes.‬

‪Say these five words.‬



‪someone in Camden has the wifi network SSID “don’t be a dick Dave” and I feel SEEN‬

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

In early 2016, when I said "give it a couple of years, we'll end up with Trump running the US, Boris running the UK, us leaving the EU and everything on fire"



It was not a BLUEPRINT

Donald Trump's second-term inauguration (2020, colourised)

just an extremely normal and in no way dystopian sign hanging out at the pharmacy

Really interesting work from the Matrix team on making the Matrix chat protocol usable (~7-10 sec per message) with 100bps links. Bits per second, not bytes. Sets off the HOMEBREW CRYPTOSYSTEM KLAXON but considering the constraints they’re aiming to fit, adding crypto at all is admirable.

Re this whole Portland situation, I'm waiting patiently for it to turn out that some cop fucked up and saw someone writing about protestors throwing a concrete (ie, a milkshake which is nearer to ice cream) and assumed they meant concrete (ie, the building material).

The SKS keyserver network is under attack, and it took a grand total of four comments to descend into a defence of child pornography

I live tech and I love tech, but we are a fucking shitshow of a community

Pitch, Yaw, Roll == Yes, No, Maybe

You're welcome

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