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My first reaction was that the Danny Baker furore was probably overblown, that it’s eminently plausible that there wasn’t racist intent. Then I remembered that intent counts for jack shit in terms of the act itself.

Impact matters.

Intent is context for what happens afterward.

today in nightmare fuel, some fool gave me my raw MRI data to play with.

are quote toots an antifeature or my client just crap?

‪help i have the world’s biggest ambient notification IoT boner‬

‪REMINDER: If you’re planning on ever launching a Patreon, DO IT TODAY BY MIDNIGHT (not sure which time zone). You don’t have to have it in it’s final state, just reviewed by them (~10min for me) and launched (a manual step after review). Do so and you avoid significant new fees.‬

today's addition to my comically large project list: we've got fediverse Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram clones - but you know what we don't have? Something that hasn't had a compelling competitor since everyone stopped using it, but many people miss. Fediverse LiveJournal.

All I’m saying is that most mid-range quadcopters would be perfectly capable of carrying a milkshake and, with minor modifications, dropping it on your fascist of choice shortly before making a getaway at a speed too great to be followed on foot

I can almost taste the tears of awful people which will accompany the next episode of the Twilight Zone remake.

Discovery Season 2 finale 

Aaand we have Keybase support on! Exciting stuff. I particularly like that Keybase are implementing a more generalised attestation flow than just integrating with yet another environment.

There’s an argument that Kate Bouman is undeserving of recognition because she didn’t commit the largest amount of code. Here’s why it’s absurd. The ideologues arguing it are inherently familiar enough with writing code to KNOW this. It’s wilful intellectual dishonesty.

Eurovision punditry 

I’ve released the first public version of my ZeroTier quality-of-life utility, `zt`.


More export formats, as well as support for writing configuration back to ZeroTier, coming when I get time.

@anna ah, nm, I've just seen you on the Keybase integration PR. I suspect that means it's just a matter of Keybase whims and they added contributors' instances as initial cases?

@anna What's the process of whitelisting an instance for Keybase? I've got on 2.8.0 but there's 0 documentation I can find.

Can you spare a few minutes?

I'm looking for information about terms - appropriate and otherwise - used to refer to various groups.

They will be used to build a resource explaining the "right" way to refer to members of those groups.


my favourite conspiracy theory 

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