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The SKS keyserver network is under attack, and it took a grand total of four comments to descend into a defence of child pornography

I live tech and I love tech, but we are a fucking shitshow of a community

Pitch, Yaw, Roll == Yes, No, Maybe

You're welcome

Hbomb, Olly (PhilosophyTube), and Contra are the 2010s version of the late 90s Chris Morris, Armando Ianucci, and Stewart Lee trifecta

The new Pi is hot shit. Dual 4K HDMI. Gigabit Ethernet. USB3. Hardware h.264 and h.265 up to 4K at 60fps. USB-C PD power input. Very very nice indeed.

We're now on 2.9.0 - if you want to enable single-column mode (think birdsite rather than birdsitedeck), it's available in your preferences.

‪Boris Johnson will win the Tory leadership.‬

‪He’s learned the game from his Bullingdon days, burning £50 notes in front of homeless people. He’s played it on easy mode and he will reap the rewards he thinks he deserves.‬

‪Boris Johnson will be our Prime Minister.‬

‪This is hell.‬

‪Brave: “here is an interesting open-source idea to address the effect of adblocking on small content creators”‬

‪Google: “what a great idea, I’m glad we had it”‬


h/t @TheEnbyperor

uk politics, drukqs (cocaine) 

Gove-related hot take: coke is the most Tory drug there is. it doesn’t bring people together. it doesn’t give you insights. it doesn’t show you beauty. it stratifies the world and puts you at the top for as long as you can pay its price, and drops you minutes after you’re broke.

Sometimes you come across a video/audio pairing which is just too perfect to live

‪today in accessibility features which nobody bothers to tell ASD people about: tactile crossing indicators. when the safe to cross sign illuminates, this cone underneath the call button unit starts to rotate. if you’re having trouble with audiovisual stimuli, it’s there.‬

Looming shitstorm warning.

Gab, noted haven for racists, misogynists, and literal Nazis, is intending to fork Mastodon and join the fediverse.

Their aim is to sidestep being banned from the main App Stores by allowing any Mastodon client to use their service.

Obviously, this also means that they'll federate, and they're openly excited about the trolling possibilities.

Mastodon admins concerned by this should block their instance from federation when they cut over to their fork.

(my intent is not to brag, I just have to talk about this SOMEWHERE or I'll explode)

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due to the incredible and unexpected generosity of an anonymous benefactor, this beast is turning up in a week or two.


Eight *real* cores, before the HT virtual cores.

Actual monster.

And we're back with 2.8.4 up and running. users, heads up: brief downtime incoming for update to 2.8.4.

today’s shower thought: the stigma surrounding benefits and governments finding it nontoxic to make poor peoples’ lives shittier and shittier traces back to the idea that benefits claimants should be grateful. we shouldn’t. when you have a social contract to pay tax in exchange for a safety net, the counterparty (ie the government) delivering on their end of the deal is not a generosity or a kindness. it’s their obligation. and you don’t get a cookie for doing something you’re obliged to do.

Soft-launching this to followers only - please don’t RT or share at the moment, I’m looking for constructive criticism. I’ll do a full launch after I’ve heard what comes of having your collective eyeballs on it.

Anyway, here it is, my shiny new Patreon.

Late to the party, I know, but I’ve just heard about Israel’s Beresheet lander. Yeah, it was taken out by high-velocity dirt. It’s still an absolutely stunning achievement when you consider they got all the way there for the equivalent of two days of NASA’s budget.

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