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Facebook revenge porn “upload your nudes” thing - I understand what they’re trying to do & the intention is good. However the premise of giving Facebook, of all companies, private content is daunting. Needs to be perceptually hashed client-side, and only the hashes, or if content is really needed, machine-usable but human-unfriendly content (eg blurred thumbnails) sent and stored.

Matryoshka dolls in a shop on the Moscow Metro. Putin, Stalin, Lenin, Stalin again, and… wait. (source:

also what the shit mastodon, no native 'boost with comment'?

I will not allow obscene language like this on my innocent timeline

unpopular opinion of the day: I kind of like coffeescript. well, more than javascript, anyway, which is to say that I like stabbing myself in the foot more than I like stabbing myself in the eye.

Today in 'well that's a nice feature', in Ruby:

1000000 ≡ 1_000_000

So I think we can assume accuracy good enough to produce a totally accurate copy. The issue for me is more metaphysical - aren't you copying a consciousness then disposing of the old one, rather than moving the same one from place to place? Is there any meaningful difference?

One of the more interesting bits of Star Trek navelgazing is the question of whether transporter use is murder (see Theseus' paradox). I don’t have a compelling answer, even after spending time reading the fictional technical manuals (because I am a giant intractable nerd) and thinking about it in the shower for years. Transporters are said to have 'quantum-accurate' resolution (as opposed to food replicators which are 'molecule-accurate') which seems to imply quark-accuracy at a minimum. is one server in the network