EU Radio Lockdown Directive

Do you use on your router instead of the stock firmware? Or on your smartphone? Or maybe you experiment with ? It may soon be illegal in EU.

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COPRocessor - chip that deals with all that floating point mathematical shit

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#Splunk will no longer be selling software and services to organizations in #Russia - either directly or through partners.

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I have a domain of, so if you have a good idea what to put there, I'm open.

I don't have enough energy to create anything right now, but I think it could be a really good place to gather links to other resources and a simple summary of what Solarpunk is (since Wikipedia doesn't consider it worthy a page yet).


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Hello Fediverse! 👋 this is a bot you can subscribe to if you want to get notification about new #Nextcloud server, apps and client releases.

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We recently released updates to:
📝 CODE 4.0 (RC2)
📃 Richdocuments app (3.1.0)
📱 Android app (3.4.1)
Which should make collaborative document editing in Android and iOS fully functioning!

Did you test it already?

Солнце зашло. Пусть все наши мечты сбудутся с Новым Солнцем!
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Command Post out from Moscow VKO

🇷🇺 Russian Federal Security Service
IL96 400 VPU RSD994

Экс-начальник ГРУ Сергун действительно умер в Ливане. , , ,

The Ukrainian community welcomes the decision of the on the indivisibility and territorial integrity of Ukraine

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Here is my small recap on the current #GiletsJaunes interference going on, there is far more to uncover but this is where to start #propaganda #psyops #fakenews

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Literally one of the first accounts popping up when looking at #GiletsJaunes is some kind of bot pushing RT propaganda, account created less than a month ago. There are plenty of these "agitator accounts" out there trying to amplify the protests from outside France

I'll stop postting obscenities when all of you stop being so fucking stupid.

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