mention of torture 

mention of torture 

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I mean, they're white dudes too so I guess they're not expecting me with my white name to...not be white and also have most of my own family be Muslim (or Buddhist).

Like, when I say I feel like I'd be more concerned about visiting the US with how easy it is for white Americans to purchase gun, than I would be visiting a Muslim country - perhaps consider that there's not just intentional gun violence in the States but like... a toddler could drop a gun and kill me because people are fools and don't lock stuff away.

Doing a MOOC about religion and there's one dude who's seems to just really dislike Muslims and another super conservative Catholic dude and both of them don't seem to get when you talk about how you feel about a topic, you're not looking for stats on Muslim terrorism or to provide examples of a thing

@alis yeah, I sent that to the digital marketing dude for the charity I work for.

These thoughts brought to you by "I'm not religious but I pray every day, abstain from meat on Fridays, observe Holy Days of Obligation, go to Mass every Sunday..." lol

I mean, it's not great when someone who spent 6-7 years studying a topic and then basically marries it for the rest of their life isn't clear on the thing... but whatever

Why yes, my hobby IS enduring the poor formatting of the Vatican website to find out exactly why our priest is wrong on this thing that I suspect he is wrong on (and like, I didn't even go to Sunday school or really study Catholicism at regular school or anything, this is just what I've picked up attending Mass every week for 35 years)

The thing that really fascinates me is the ruling on cremation, which basically boils down to "well, if you believe that God can put you back together afterwards for the second coming and kingdom of God on earth, then go for it" which means that it was fine for my Dad and grandparents but our previous parish priest can't be cremated when he pops it

My neighbour's mum died earlier in the year and his dad has been staying with him since then pretty much. Neighbour's mum was fairly Catholic. Anyway it turns out they have her ashes still in the house and yes grief etc etc and yet I am also sat here thinking "I feel like the church recently clarified the deal with ashes and how you shouldn't keep them at home or something"

facebook, pol 

facebook, pol 

@alis Time travel, which is that answer I give my manager for about 2 thirds of her questions but at least in this case it actually makes sense?

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