only took literally 24 hours to get a reply from linode about some weird ass wall messages lmao. while the service is alright the support can be a bit... eh

@anna I've been giving serious thought to migrating my personal infrastructure (6 machines) to digitalocean. they seem to take the 'diet paas' thing seriously unlike linode who feel like they've barely moved on from selling shells. also their ipv6 management is janky as fuck and keeps getting its state wrong.

@dave yeah if i ever seriously considered moving it would be to digitalocean probably. linode works well enough for what i need but it is VERY hands on

@anna Longview is a great example. It's actually a pretty hot tool, or it was at release. Since then it's had no new features and now, the only way you can use it is with their ancient account management design for some incomprehensible reason.

@anna i've been trying to teach myself k8s because every fucking job wants it these days and it is a SHITSHOW.

@dave has anyone considered that they could just like, not use something ridiculously overengineered


@anna yeah but then how will they get the next big Show HN post

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